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Difficulty:Easy  Time:Long

INGREDIENTS (x 8 persons):

  • - 500 g mascarpone
  • - 4 medium-sized free range eggs (4 yolks + 4 egg whites)
  • - 150 g caster sugar
  • - 200 g Savoiardi sponge fingers
  • - 6 strong espressos cups, warm
  • - bitter cocoa powder
  • - a glass of Cognac or dark Rum (optional)


  • 1. Start by preparing the coffee. Put the coffee aside in a bowl to let it cool down and mix it with the Cognac or Rum, according to your preference.
  • 2. Separate the eggs and whisk the whites in a separate bowl until stiff.
  • 3. Beat thoroughly the yolks with the sugar until pale and fluffy and gently add the mascarpone. Please try to mix carefully in order to keep the softness of the eggs. Avoid leaving clumps of the cheese in the mixture.
  • 4. Add the whisked whites and stir it very gently.
  • 5. Dip each sponge finger biscuit into the coffee mix and let it absorb the liquid without getting too wet (I would say, half the biscuit thickness).
  • 6. Lay them on the bottom of a baking tray and pour on top the mascarpone cream. Alternate layers of cream and biscuits and finish with the cream.
  • 7. Keep it protected with a foil inside the fridge for no less than 12 hours.
  • 8. Just before serving, dust the top of the tray with the cocoa powder.


  • - There are different recipes for Tiramisu but this is my favourite!
  • - This dessert has to be prepared the day before your party — it requires some hours of preparation having to stay in the fridge to get to its final consistency. Keep this in mind when planning your cooking!
  • - If you want it creamier, reduce the quantity of biscuits.
  • - A nice serving is inside small glass cups. You can then eat it with a teaspoon.