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Involtini di vitello/Veal’s rolls with cheese and ham

Difficulty:  Time: INGREDIENTS (x 8 persons): - 600 g thin veal cutlets - 100 g of Parma or S. Daniele ham, very thinly cut into slices - 100 g of Italian Montasio cheese - 3 tablespoons of not salty butter - extra virgin olive oil - a handful of sage leaves - 3 glasses of dry white wine - non raising plain flour ‘00’ (to coat the veal ...

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‘Saltinbocca’ alla friulana – Manu’s way

Difficulty:  Time: INGREDIENTS (x4 persons): - 4 thin veal cutlets - 4 slices of Parma or San Daniele ham, very thinly cut - 3 tablespoons of non-salted butter - 2 or 3 sage leaves WHAT TO DO: 1. Gently melt 3 tablespoons of butter in a deep pan with the leaves of sage. 2. Fry the veal cutlets without adding any salt. 3. Turn them and put a ...

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