Beef escalopes “alla pizzaiola”

SecondiFeb 26 20151 Comment

carne pizzaiola 6**bis

Difficulty: Very easy Time:Quick

INGREDIENTS (x 4 persons)

  • -  350 g lean beef escalopes, in thin slices
  • -  2 garlic cloves
  • -  2 anchovies in oil
  • -  chilli pepper
  • -  oregano
  • -  extra virgin olive oil
  • -  400 g of chopped tomatoes, in can
  • -  salt


  • 1. Peel the garlic gloves and place them with a slug of oil in a non-sticking pan and pan fry them until golden brown.
  • 2. Take the pan out of the heat and melt the anchovies in the oil.
  • 3. Then add the meat slices and let them quickly cook before adding the tomatoes, oregano, and chilli pepper. Adjust with salt to your taste and cook it for about 10-15 min (according to the size of the cut of the meat).
  • Serve it warm with sourdough bread.