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Strawberry sorbet Tiramisù

Difficulty:  Time: INGREDIENTS (x 4 persons): - 100 g puff pastry - 500 g strawberries - 300 g mascarpone cheese - 3 medium-sized free range eggs (3 yolks + 3 egg whites) - 175 g caster sugar - powdered sugar (icing sugar) - few fresh mint leaves (to decorate) - a teaspoon of Cognac or dark Rum (optional) WHAT TO DO: 1. Roll out the puff ...

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Portuguese Pasteis de nata /Puffy custard tarts

Difficulty:  Time: This is one of the most popular Portuguese cakes originally prepared at the Antiga Confeitaria de Belém, where they keep on selling the same kind of pastries still now. Believe me, it deserves a visit! INGREDIENTS (x 10 pieces): - 2 rolls of purchased, ready-to-use Puff Pastry (460 g) - 60g flour - 500 ml whole milk - 1 ...

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