Panfried potatoes/Patate “in tecia”

papate in padella

Difficulty:Very easy  Time:Quick

INGREDIENTS (x 6 persons):

  • - 8 big white potatoes
  • - a bunch of fresh rosemary
  • - extra-virgin olive oil
  • - salt/black pepper
  • - roast herbs seasoning (optional)
  • - 2 garlic cloves, with the skin


  • 1. Before starting, wash the potatoes and cut them into big chunks. Keep them into a bowl filled with water until the moment you cook them.
  • 2. In the meanwhile, press the garlic cloves (including their skins) by using a knife and stew them up quickly into a non-sticky frying pan.
  • 3. Take the potatoes out of the water, transfer them into the pan and season them according to your taste with rosemary, salt, and –if available- the roast herbs (optional). Cook them at high heat until nicely roasted, turning them from time to time to let them roast on different sides.
  • 4. When they are well cooked, cover the pan with a lid and let them stay there to soften for at least 10-15 minutes. Serve them warm.


  • - This recipe is a quick version of the ‘Roasted Potatoes’, traditionally prepared in the oven.
  • - Do not be scared to undercook your potatoes when you notice they get well done on all sides. Covering them with a lid and letting them stay still will give them the required time to soften up.
  • - Try not to exceed with the roast herb seasoning as they could be already salted and then alter the taste of the dish. If available in your area, there is a nice, ready-to-use Italian mix called ‘Ariosto’ which works really well. Nonetheless, the dish comes out well without any herbs anyway.