Courgettes “Angelica”


Difficulty:Very easy  Time:Quick

INGREDIENTS (x 4 persons):

  • - 500g medium size courgettes
  • - 2 shallots, thinly chopped
  • - ½ glass white vinegar
  • - 2-3 teaspoons caster sugar
  • - 1 handful of aromatic herbs (mint, oregano, marjoram, thyme, basil), thinly chopped
  • - salt/pepper


Start by cutting the courgettes over the long side in very thin slices. Place them separately in a bowl.

zucchine angeliche prep

Then, in a frying pan, slug some olive oil and stew the shallots until slightly brown in colour. Add the courgettes a few at the time (not all together at once), and cook them at high heat until slightly soft. Then, add the sugar and the vinegar. As soon as the vinegar dried out, turn the heat off and adjust the taste with salt and pepper. Place the courgettes into a serving plate and add the aromatic herbs. Eat them cold or at room temperature.


  • - The quickest way to slice the courgettes is with a slicer or a potato peeler.
  • - This dish is a nice starter and can be served with crackers or crusty bread.
  • -  You can prepare the courgettes “Angelica” in advance, which saves you time…and stress!